Affordable Proteins For Weight Loss

Hearing the word protein will make you think about all the basic fundamentals of it. 

Generally, People know Protein as the building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood in the body. Yet, you can also use protein for weight loss

Protein is required to boost metabolism, build and repair tissues, make enzymes, balance hormones, increase muscle strength, lower blood pressure, and store nutrients. 

If you want to lose some weight, apart from consuming more fat and calories, it is better to consume the required amount of protein whenever you are hungry. 

The reason behind this is it not only controls your hunger level but also losals, food comes first.
Food is one of the basic requirements of our body and we knoes weight as a protein composed of amino acids. And amino acids are organic compounds made of hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon-oxygen, and sulfur. 

Pro Tip: 

“Consume 0.8 grams of protein/kg body weight daily.”

What Are The Types Of Protein Sources?

Below are the types of protein with their health benefits that we get from foods and supplements.

  • Whey protein: Cures asthma, Celiac Disease, Lowers Cholesterol, and Reduces Weight. 
  • Egg white Protein: High Biological Value and Fat-Free, High in powdered form. 
  • Peas protein: Aids muscle growth, Reduces Weight, Keeps the heart-healthy. 
  • Rice Protein: Reduces Fat Mass, Helps to gain lean muscle
  • Casein protein: Slow to digest, Manages metabolism

Natural Sources of Protein

When we talk about natural sources to gain minerals, food comes first. 

Food is one of the basic requirements of our body, and we know that food can provide us endless benefits if we eat the right one in the right amount. 

Here are the best foods to eat when you need to fulfill your protein requirements and lose weight. 


Tuna contains a significant amount of protein. Three ounces of about 85 grams of tuna gives you about 25 grams of protein.


Beef – 22 grams of protein from three ounces of lean ground beef.

Chicken Breast – 64% DV from 100 grams of lean chicken breast

Lamb Shoulder – 71% DV from 100gms lamb shoulder


Eggs are an exceptional treasure of protein. Because not only the white part of the egg wins the race by supplying 4 grams of protein, but also the yolk gives its best efforts by supplying 3 grams of protein at the same time.

Dairy Product: 

Milk – You will get casein and whey protein from milk, approx 80% of total protein in bovine milk, and 20% of whey protein. Milk is not only an excellent source of protein but also rich in calcium and vitamin D. You can get 3.4 grams from 100 grams of milk.

Low-fat yogurt – Every 8 lbs low-fat yogurt can give you 12 grams of protein.

Nut butter – Peanut butter offers the highest amount of protein, low carb, rich in antioxidants, inexpensive. You can get 25g/100 g of nut butter.


Black Lentils – 12 grams of protein in the form of ½ cup black lentils rich in zinc and folate can keep you energetic throughout the day.

On the other hand, yellow lentil is low in fat, fiber, and protein dominates. You can get 24 grams protein from 100 grams of Moog bean.


Pumpkin Seeds – Along with a healthy dosage of omega-3, omega-6, iron, calcium, folate, beta carotene, a handful of these seeds are a significant source of protein.

Chia Seeds – These seeds are unprocessed, whole-grain food keeps you fuller longer, and bulks up a stool to prevent constipation. It offers you 17g/100 grams of protein.


10.4 to 17.0% of protein from edible portions of quinoa may not be the only deciding factor, but the quality you will get is the center of attraction.


A large amount of amino acids and protein in broccoli proves to be popular among you all for keeping body structure desirable and energetic throughout the day. 

One cup of chopped broccoli can serve you with 2.5gms of protein, which is a significant source of protein for vegetarians.

Affordable Over The Counter Sources of Protein

Of course, no other source can beat the quality of the protein you get from food. Yet, when it comes to affordable protein for weight loss over-the-counter sources of protein are equally important. 

Here I’m listing my three favorite protein supplements from reliable brands so that you could be focusing on weight loss without even compromising on protein. 

Dymatize Elite 100% Whey Protein Powder

Here is a perfect affordable protein supplement with 63 servings by 5 lbs of this powder. It is fast-digesting, high in biological value, amino acids that help in building muscles.

Dymatize Elite is an excellent source of high-quality protein supplementation with 100% whey protein. 

It has 5.5 grams of Branched-chain amino acids to help build muscle, 2.7g of l-leucine to support the activation of muscle protein synthesis, and increase your daily protein intake. Moreover, it is ideal for those preparing for tough workouts.

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Isopure Low Carb

Isopure Low Carbs Protein comes in premium vanilla as well as many other delightful flavors. Aside from 25 grams of protein, it offers vitamin-C and Zinc for better immunity. 

The powder is keto-friendly and provides high weight management support. It supports muscle health as you grow older. 

You can take it post-workout or after any heavy activity, in the morning, or between meals. 

The best part about this is it is gluten and lactose-free. 

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Optimum Nutrition Gold

It comes from the brand-named Optimum Nutrition with whey source of protein flavored with chocolate. The product is free from gluten. 

It has over 4 grams of Glutamine and glutamic acid and 24 grams of whey protein in each serving. Consumption of this protein shake before or after a workout gives you a kick start.

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Summing Up

Protein is one of the imperative requirements of our body. When you lose weight, you may avoid the amount of protein your body needs.  

That’s why I decided to put some light on the importance of protein and how you can lose weight by consuming affordable proteins. 

You can lose your extra weight by consuming the foods and supplements mentioned in this article. 

If you already know the benefits of the above-mentioned foods or supplements, let us also know in the comments.

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