Can Walking Be Defined as an Effective Workout for Weight Loss?

You are looking for an effective solution for weight loss that is simple at the same time? If you don’t want to be very strict with your diet, I can tell you how walking can be an effective workout for weight loss.  

In technology, more than 70% of people are working on the screen, sitting, or lying throughout the day. This thing has been even worse with the pandemic COVID-19. Many people are working from home, and also from their beds. 

All these things are taking us to a kind of laziness in our nature. And that is eventually leading us to obesity. 

Now, if you want to lose your weight but your weight doesn’t want to lose you, I am sharing some pieces of expert advice for you to get rid of excess weight. 

How Can Walking Be Effective? 

Walking is no rocket science. Walking is something you do every day. 

Now the question is, how walking can be beneficial for weight loss? Before moving towards the answer, let’s understand why you should make walking a habit. 

A regular habit of walking can change your life in the long term. It can provide several health benefits like reduced stress, stronger bones, better blood circulation, lower blood pressure, better cholesterol control, and sound sleep. 

From all the reasons for walking I mentioned above, a night of sound sleep is something everyone needs. So, if you are wondering, is walking good for you? The answer is definitely. 

Coming to the point, how can walking be effective for weight loss, I am sharing some interesting facts that prove that walking can work for effective weight loss.  

Burning Calories By Walking 

The calories our body needs may vary for each person. Our daily calorie requirements depend on physical activities. 

Losing weight requires you to burn a higher rate of calories than you consume. Unfortunately, we are living a lifestyle that causes notable weight gain. On the other side, excess weight can increase the chances of chronic diseases and other health issues.  

Walking can significantly burn calories. I don’t recommend heavy exercises while you can stay fit with a simpler one. Walking can burn over 100 calories by walking around 1.5 km. 

If you want to burn more calories, you must make it a habit to walk regularly. 

Walking And Lean Muscles  

When you cut down on calories in terms of losing weight, you might end up losing muscles. Losing body fat is okay, but losing muscles is not. When a diet plan limits your calorie intake, it can affect your lean muscles. 

Walking can work very well if you want to save your muscles. It controls the decrease in metabolic rate. Thus, walking is an incredible exercise for effective weight loss. 

Three Short Walks In A Day 

Many people complain that they can’t take long walks. If this is the case, I have great news for you. Taking shorter walks all over the day can be more beneficial than taking a long walk in the morning, evening, or night.  

Experts have suggested that taking a short walk after every meal is better than having a long walk once in a day. You can walk for 15 minutes after every time you eat. It will turn into a 45 minutes walk for a day. 

This type of walk can also help in controlling blood sugar. 

A 30 Minutes Brisk Walk 

Now comes the most effective way of walking for weight loss. Moreover, if you are a young adult, this is the best walking advice you can ever get. 

If you are serious about your fitness and weight loss, I highly recommend 30 minutes of a brisk walk. You might be aware of the right sides of a brisk walk in the morning. A brisk walk in the morning can allow you to lose weight and keep you energetic throughout the day. 

Ideally, you can schedule your week, including 30 minutes of a brisk walk, for a minimum of five days a week. This practice is scientifically proven and recommended by experts.  


Summing Up 

Walking is the purest form of exercise. Even if you want to start heavy workouts, you must start with baby steps like walking. 

Regular walking can provide you uncountable health benefits. You can always start your day by walking a few kilometers or ending your day with the same. 

I hope you have made your mind to start walking from today after reading this. If it works for you, let me know in the comments. 

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